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hacked into the nations of the voting machines. wgn news @ 9 windy enough to shut down a major road for truck traffic. top story around the country. high wind chicago area at tom skilling >> we said goodbye to a storm that has hung around for seven days and hello to anyone producing wind tonight and the plunge of early season cool air current wind gusts across the midwest. incredibly high as we will show you in a moment. sustained wind chicago area 20- 25 mi. per hour. the wind gust instantaneous surges of went upwards of 44 m.p.h. woodstock and the rockford higher than
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that during the course of the evening in the wind advisory in the yellow area. storm advisories' across the lake lakeshore flood warnings. look at some of the peak winter gusts. mongrel wisconsin a 65 mi. per hour when the dust. it is a windy and it will stay that way 40 mi. per hour gusts. chicago area. what the wind will be doing overnight gusty up to 50 m.p.h. across the lake. big storm purple areas with over 40
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mi. per hour wind gusts continuing in the morning by no means will be weighed begun building two-story waves across the lake rushing into parts of michigan and indiana. lake affect rainfall before this is all over much more to talk about a warm up later in the weekend. >> live at michigan avenue with the gusts have picked up. >> picking up for sure the windy weather all day long we have been waiting in a great anticipation to see what form in the city still seems relatively quiet a beautiful evening 40-50 mi. per hour wind have not seen that other parts of downtown out west very different story take a look at this video pretty amazing time lapse video late this afternoon skies turned it drastically gray and fast.
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clouds filled the skies near 290 for the wind picked up hard. no rainfall just ominous guys traveling at a rapid pace spurted nothing but compliments from pedestrians a cool night but noticeable not threatening wind light debris to legitimatize marilyn monroe start blowing up properly under these conditions for those on foot and general consensus simply a lovely fall evening. the >> exactly what i expected. beautiful a beautiful night >> i have enough clothes and i think it is beautiful for september is nice. windy city. >> folks are enjoying it the better michigan avenue indiana still great concern over what this may do indiana tollway went
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to bat and the fact tonight until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. prohibiting double and triple trailer trucks on a lot indiana tollway between west point toll plaza and the south bound plaza. officials expect roads to become increasingly difficult to even dangerous are the next 12 hours or so. update at the airports. due to east coast weather o'hare airport has been delayed 45 minutes. planes departing from chicago to the east coast as for midway minor delays about 30 minutes or so in and out of midway because of problems on the east coast and as well as the with the problem here. >> school of decorative bullet found on the floor shortly after 9 it said charles north high school staff person found a bullet on the floor of a common areaand around the school
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officials acted quickly called police to 90 e-mail and telephone messages from parents to parents from the principal completed search of the building including lockers and classrooms thankful to report did not find anything in out of the ordinary. >> no incidents students were very good about this staff was very good on time to take everybody home no indications of anything. >> school will start on time tomorrow. counselors also available to talk to anybody about safety concerns. illinois residents rep. dolph toll operators pocketing money drivers give them instead of putting it into the state fell. details of the workers pulled off highway robbery >> illinois tollway estimates about $25,000 to lead by its all employees over the last several
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years of money returned to employees have been fired but management has to do damage control. scam worked like this after a motorist had over the cash told worker pressed the button for an emergency vehicle does not have to pay tolls and pocketed the money total of 12 toll collectors busted doing this. >> they collected money in many cases took that money in other cases gave people free passes >> tollway inspector general jim wagner says in one case to a worker doing this for years stealing more than $7,000. >> very disturbing to anybody not going to where they should be going >> illinois tollway executive director says there are about 500 toll collectors and the chicago area and the scantily and bought a few bad apples management wants to be sure
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customers are aware of what happened. >> show that they do have comfort and knowledge that there are people looking out for their best interest to make sure that the money is collected turned in the way it is supposed to be >> management became suspicious after unusually high number of poughkeepsie vehicles reported to have passed through the toll. going on for quite some time at the working with management and inspector general office been able to identify cases where people were stealing from the tollway and our customers and we will not tolerate that >>-story for the illinois tollway but in all fairness came to the media first with the information not the other way round 12 employees busted since resigned or fired some about facing criminal prosecution >> still had a final gift for a loved one a kidney from a
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teenage killed and a drive-by shooting go get it to his grandmother and testimony from michael jackson's former bodyguard what he said dr. conrad murray asked him to do before calling police.
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drive-by shooting this past week claimed the life of a 15 year- old boy but the teenager gave the best and last gift to his ailing grandmother not just grandmother but other people also be seeping gift of life from other act of violence chicago streets. antonio johnson hurt his mother grandmother needed a kidney wanted to give him his not an option at the time now in a very emotional tragic turn of the events the 15 year-old able to do just that. >> it was his last wish >> sophomore at marshall high school killed in drive-by shooting outside his home sunday afternoon are chronically decades earlier antonio grandmother hit by a stray bullet airlines within it the last few months her kidney was deteriorating along with her health dialysis three-four times a week.
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>> spoke to me about him being an organ donor i told him only on one condition in a match for my mother leads a kidney >> was a match the transplants took place just a dead grandmother doing well. batt but she has a part of him she can hold closer than anybody >> annette said lost her baby but she gets to keep her mother and little water and others will have to their loved ones are under 2. >> not like that even though somebody tragically took his life able to extend the life of four-five other people. >> knows that antonio's harpe went to a 14 year-old in alabama hopes that someday can't meet every person that antonio gave a part of himself to. >> a big change coming to the
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city ambulance system sources say city about to phase out basic ambulance care at the upgrade them to advance life support vehicles. right now there are 15 basic vehicles and one-third of those will be upgraded by next spring. each cost $50,000 in equipment and advance medicine. basic care ambulance on the transports does not have the equipment. mayor richard m. daley had into bookstores in 2013 associated press reports university of chicago press publishing a new book entitled "first son: the biography of richard m. daley" by a chicago writer keith koeneman apparently getting unprecedented access to the key figure administration except for the mayor himself has not agreed. city pioneer who lost his life pave the way for many african-americans in the medical field, dr. james bowman father off top presidential adviser
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internationally known expert on pathology and genetics university of chicago dr. james bowman of the first african- americans to teach in the medical field major university died yesterday a lot battle of cancer. moille plan to university of chicago. disturbing new findings just how easy it is to hack into a voting machine and reaction to controversial book about walter patent brian urlacher sounds off. i will awaken you with a song. i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon.
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@ñ?ñúótp?ow÷÷÷xm@]pññnúqúgxo@f@w@po÷?@÷úo7? g@úoññú?
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news @ 9 security guard put the leakedfor the late michael jackson
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spoke testified today >> prosecution kicked out the third day of testimony by calling it witnessed close contact dr. conrad murray the day michael jackson died director of logistics one of the first people to respond to the call for help from michael jackson's bedroom >> paris screamed out to daddy crying. dr. conrad murray said the do not let them see their dad like this. do not let them see their dad like this. >> escorted the jackson children from the broom and returned following conrad murray instructions >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of bottles and reached out to me and said it put these in a back >> also testified order to remove iv bag containing a bottle appear to be the same bottle inside of that bag
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>> prosecutors charged that conrad murray administered a lethal murray administeredpropofol to jackson the day he died, defense claims that it was jackson to administer the lethal dose to himself. trying to counter the state allegations conrad murray a trade cardiologists cannot resuscitate michael jackson and more concerned with hiding evidence that saving the pop star's life. >> closing arguments from the murder trial wrapped up in italy today 24 year old and former boyfriend appeal the convictions for killing amanda knox british roommate in 2007 defense attorneys said the prosecution's entire case based on flawed d and evidence what point to six year prison sentence overturned, amanda knox still claims at her boyfriend's house when roommate was murdered verdict expected by monday. federal judge upholding most but not all of alabama's controversial immigration law. emigration governor pushed for
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the lot. two alabama colleges held protests against the immigration law claiming it was too strict. police can detain anybody suspected of being in the country illegally and public schools may now check to be sure that every student new student is a legal resident. what new provision throw out alabama cannot make it a crime to harbor or transport and illegal. special housing today bill signed running out of money preventing the government funding that for next tuesday lawmakers expected to tackle larger funding bill once they all return from recess concerned that legislators would not to approve a measure republicans and democrats finding out how to pay for aid for victims of natural disasters as it turns out the gate agency that handles disasters had its mathematics wrong. had enough money to get through the week. state agency that punishes attorneys asking
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11 supreme court to suspend the license of rod blagojevich likely the first step towards this barring him have until october the 11th to respond former governor now convicted felon and attorney in illinois since 1984 but did not practice what since become a congressman in 1997. researchers at the argonne national laboratory say electronic voting machines can be easily hacked. without raising suspicion. they say the diebold accu-vote ts machines require about $25 and that little technical expertise to do so chicago and cook county uses voting system machines but argonne national laboratory researchers say experiments could pack all machines, representatives told our news at 5:00 that the hacking can be done very quickly. >> in the case of our attacks we do need physical access to the machines a few seconds-but a
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minute but turned out to be surprisingly easy because the manufacturers make it relatively easy to do that told the publication computer world that voting machines often left unguarded when not used and that is when the tampering can easily occur says there are quick and long-term solutions to better safeguard the voting machines controversy tonight. reportedly came from the satirical news publication called the onion said breaking news screams and gunfire killed in capitol building armed congressmen hostages story not true a joke but capitol police had to issue a statement that everything was normal and no problem some twitter followers complained that the tweets weren't funny so far the publication has not responded. debit card swipe at the biggest bank in america on building a big fee on basic services how the mustard plant
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can do a body good on a hot dog?
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tonight's medical watch yet another benefit for credit wide may stop cancer growth. resveratrol beneficial effects on the hard new research shows blocks the growth effects of estrogen reducing breast cancer receptors why the stops hormone resistant breast cancer cells by does not mean women should use wine as a treatment for cancer but does have promise. yet another remedy found in your kitchen mustard to help build muscles. substance in mustard
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plant has an anabolic effect essentially acting like a steroid to build muscle mass and the number and size of muscle fibers. researchers say mustard may hold the key to becoming more lean and ripped. worden results are not a quick fix to go from fat to fit but says mustard added to a healthy workout regimen and a diet may help build muscle. sending could strengthen speech after a stroke. rhythm and formulaic phrases in song make a difference for stroke recovery. lyrics patients were more familiar with greater benefit to articulation stimulating the right brain hemisphere responsible for speech function. up next tom skilling forecast.
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well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. we want to mention com ed win knocked wind no power many people in the south suburbs in a report of 60 mi. per hour wind during the evening and beautiful rainbow stibnite in the wake of those showers that went through
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and produced the wind beautiful shot tear a larger shot hancock building rain shops from indian the beach interesting a lot of rainbows and the last week because we have had holes in these clouds every now and then allowing some through sunrise to sunset rainfall coming through skies cleared about 100 mi. wide a drive which and it is breaking out again coming at us tonight as we said goodbye to the storm closed flow being kicked out sat around for seven days new autumn
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storm responsible for the bid tonight showers that went through this afternoon. backwash showers rotating all around us tonight wind rebate check in with 47 mi. per hour wind gusts more where that came from wednesday through tomorrow wind advisory coming down at 5:00. does not mean it will be gone but the strongest would have passed by. warmest day in eight days today made it to 66 in chicago temperatures going to rise more lasting fashion and later in the weekend stay tuned for that incredible wind gust about the area multistate region storm advisers over the lake.
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lake water piling up. flooding in india that and michigan rockford a near 60 mi. per hour gusts other winter gusts of the weather bug network costs of 50 plus a burlington hinsdale at harvard near 50 at all park went out of all run at the chicago academy flags extended in chicago 50 mi. per hour gusts iowa 46-52 mi. per hour we discussed fog this morning before the clouds broke.
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mold elegy alerts. very unusual. wind advisory tonight tell you about the warm up on the update very windy rolling out by the tristate. monson crop like showers and sprinkles we develop low temperature tonight 48 mi. per hour gusty 45 degrees at
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times. clouds looking back in several showers would be cool high temperature just 60 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night lake affect showers near lake michigan scattered clouds and chile and lead mid 30's in the suburbs west and southwest of the city but 48 degrees up against the lake what a difference in the clouds. partly sunny and breezy cool 57 degrees with lake affect rainshowers lakeside counties on saturday and beauteous on saturday >> chicago bears game going to be very nice >> still ahead largest bank about to charge you a much more to use the debit card and treasure trove of memories from a broadcast legend all or sell out to get hold of some of roy leonard memorabilia and back at the sports office beautiful game for a game focused on battle
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against chicago bears on sunday blackhawks injuries to report and incredible night in baseball last night, it up later. p@pd@@p@hdpaá÷@@@(xúp@ '@)úpác-pxpñúxbxpl@?
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wgn news @ 9
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more warnings tonight about the colorado cantaloupe blamed for 13 deaths comes from the jensen farms in colorado contaminated with listeria help officials say it could take as long as three weeks or somebody who eats the fruit gets sick but you did not want to let it get that far. >> if you have a cantaloupe labeled with something other than jensen farms it is okay to eat but if the label looks like this jensen farms is not safe to eat throw that away. reports more than 70 illnesses in 18 states linked to the contaminated melons. major bank hitting it's debit card users with a big feet next year bank of america will charge customers a $5 monthly fee to use a debit card goes into affect sometime early next year another move by bank to generate revenue and are slumping economy bank of america
9:40 pm
not alone chase and wells fargo reportedly testing out similar debit card fees. nokia plans to cut $3,500.3500 jobs, factories will be shut down second time this year the cellular phone maker shut down jobs. chief executive says cutting expenses will help it compete in the smart phone market. bizarre because membership former chicago bears linebacker wedding in on the new walter payton book and what he says it does not matter and new familiar face returns to soldier field making life tough for former team. wgn news @ 9
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update of a story we had earlier tonight chicago fire department called us up grid in city ambulance system the feuding says phasing out the basic care vehicles not a done deal. chicago sun-times first reported that 15 basic care vehicles will be upgraded to advanced care at a cost of $50,000 per ambulance basic care ambulance transporting does not have equipment or basic medicine not a done deal yet according to the fire department. northwest
9:44 pm
suburbs strike october 6th unless agreement reached on contract dispatchers used to organize the three years ago first collecting bargaining agreement. bears legend walter payton new book sweetness by questioning jeff pearlman walter payton age retain the next tylenol and vicodin before and after nfl career also accused him of cheating on his wife and fathering an illegitimate son. today chicago bears not impressed with the book linebacker brian urlacher said not going to change my view on what walter payton was or is i have the utmost respect for him. books cds for the church memorabilia and lots of books among the items former wgn broadcasting legend roy leonard says of his estate sale this weekend pulled into the cell because he and his wife have left their home in cattle withcattle worth the estate sale held 412 cumnor rd. in kenilworth from 10-3 on
9:45 pm
saturday and 11-3 on sunday he says thousands of books for over the years. magaziner prevailing highest paid women on television and the winners are tina fey and eva longoria both made $13 million each between may 2010 and may 2011. tina fey produces a bright and stars in 30 rock and eva longoria appears on a desperate housewives. biggest earners each $10 million a year. tom skilling seven day forecast. batt but how good it was to see my friend roy leonard again what a treasure trove that would be a master of so many different expertise in the entertainment books industries. we do tonight but call tomorrow to talk about
9:46 pm
a pretty good warm-up hoping it would be a warm-up late this week at this time last week that held off another plunge of cool air coming into the water is out there and you can see the cool air coming in look at what the temperatures by the way chicago bears going to play good on sunday 49 tonight in the city and '50s tamara that will be it down into the 30's and at forties' against the late tomorrow night. lakeside county '50s again on saturday frosty possible and the suburbs saturday night and sunday morning game * four chicago bears in the upper 50s riving @@rising into the mid '60s and at the beginning of a warm-up watch how this works cool air apology and on a strong wind halted tomorrow and tomorrow night and saturday starting to warm up into the mid-60s by saturday and then you will see orange take over straddling that lie between
9:47 pm
cool air north and warm air to the west. it wont surges said possibility flirted with the area wed of the late tuesday- úwednesday white moderate temperatures one last look at the wind. by and large next week going to warm up temperatures forecast at o'hare for instance. 57 degrees saturday summit on sunday no mention of rain at all and it west northwest wind at game time it came time to butcher about 58 degrees. temperature. 76 on thursday it would appear the warmest air coming in on monday bill like breese. mild away from the lake or as temperatures may be beyond our 7 day forecast that would be best >> report on facebook kerry has lost power
9:48 pm
>> i think we will hear more about that with the wind blowing all by >> two boys killed their hickory hills fire yesterday at protesters demand the enforcement of chicago they get property ordinance tonight's chicago tribune photos of the day.
9:49 pm
more photos available or coming up blackhawks strong words about the hit that knocked out brendon smith last night and did look back at one people calling best night in baseball history sports next.
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rookie phenom cam newton comes to town >> and ron rivera 1985 chicago bears you would expect ron rivera to admit sunday's game against chicago bears something special not just another game ron rivera pat there's a fully history most storied franchise colliding new pickups sunday at soldier field >> ron rivera went to the super bowl twice by the chicago bears
9:53 pm
win in as a player in 1986 and losing defense of court and better in 2007. still held highest esteem guys he coached in chicago a guy who played for him you know what type of coach he is a guy you will go to bat for and going to war for him every week those qualities guy and he beat you can tell with the way hebbel's players really his message to you but not in a manner that meeting to you but you definitely got his message and i got to the pro bowl second year he was my coach there able met him at what time ago when he got hired here i was very excited always fun to be around very knowledgeable great coach >> ron rivera comes back to soldier field with poland out the upset against chicago bears cam newton revitalized what had
9:54 pm
been lackluster franchise but love to get victory in city worker began >> he wants to wed just like every week very personal for him: to have a lot of the motions come sunday and we expected that guy who plays and coaches for organization and not going to be cold hearted to say this is just another game when it is not permitted we feel the passion he has we want to go up there and play hard >> i am excited always have enjoyed the city earlier, but says this week a good city to be a very good as a player a lot of good memories and friends and it is just exciting not going to shy away from that i think it is great >> could be a good game injury bug biting the blackhawks week before the back of the season begins viktor stallberg out 3 weeks lower body injury dave boland sat out practice with
9:55 pm
upper body issue blackhawks to preseason games left including tomorrow against the penguins. lost another player brendon smith taking a shot bad smith from brendon smith ever but in the building in new it was a cheap shot. >> exactly a hit that are trying to get out of the game. that is the blow to the head the first contact clips of it were showing us in the summer they are looking at unfortunate for us but at the same time hopefully players will adjust. >> no obstruction or anything out there kind of free some of the guys are big and fast the like to see this happening do not know what to do about other than having more respect for one another >> finally after a laborious
9:56 pm
baseball season chicago unbelievable wild card race last night games magic baseball's most glorious moment golden decade 1950's sport owned the country red sox came one out away from what biggest collapses of all time orioles rallied with two outs and nobody on, defeated boston at camden yards red sox still apply a playoff with tampa three minutes after the defeat evan longoria capt. capped an amazing rally troweled yankees 7-0 in the eighth one to the wild card by eighths-7 score, also at that the braves got in also lost kossel september collapse. night to remember in baseball st. louis cardinals and the tampa bay rays are in a i could not stop watching >> fantastic. you've missed out.
9:57 pm
>> greatest night in baseball history. that is the news for this thursday night good night.
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